December 17, 2009

November 30, 2008


Savatage are a progressive metal band. This is an album by them.

It is good. You should listen to it, guy.

Artist: Savatage
Album: Handful Of Rain
Genre: Progressive Metal

Track Listing:

1. "Taunting Cobras" – 3:21
2. "Handful of Rain" – 5:25
3. "Chance" – 7:50
4. "Stare into the Sun" – 4:43
5. "Castles Burning" – 4:39
6. "Visions" – 1:25
7. "Watching You Fall" – 5:20
8. "Nothing's Going On" – 4:09
9. "Symmetry" – 5:04
10. "Alone You Breathe" – 7:30

November 12, 2008


Found this on an otherwise unpromising blog today, a rare self-titled psychedelic album from 1968. If you like the first few Floyd albums (you know, when Barret was around), then you'll love it. Unfortunately the band only produced the one album, as they gathered no hype around them.

September 21, 2008

Electric Six

With thanks to Emperor Helltroll for providing a link, Electric Six's latest masterpiece. I'm listening to it now and it is fucking mega.

Electric Six
Album: Flashy
Genre: Alternative Rock

Track Listing:

1. "Gay Bar Part Two"
2. "Formula 409"
3. "We Were Witchy Witchy White Women"
4. "Dirty Ball"
5. "Lovers Beware"
6. "Your Heat is Rising"
7. "Face Cuts"
8. "Heavy Woman"
9. "Flashy Man"
10. "Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart"
11. "Graphic Designer"
12. "Transatlantic Flight"
13. "Making Progress"

September 14, 2008

Blind Illusion

Did somebody just say "Thrash Metal with Les Claypool on bass"? Because I think I just heard someone say "Thrash Metal with Les Claypool on bass".

Blind Illusion
Album: The Sane Asylum
Genre: Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal

Track Listing:

1. "The Sane Asylum" - 1:37
2. "Blood Shower" - 3:53
3. "Vengeance is Mine" - 5:29
4. "Death Noise" - 7:08
5. "Kamakazi" - 5:06
6. "Smash the Crystal" - 3:29
7. "Vicious Visions" - 6:17
8. "Metamorphosis of a Monster" - 6:39

September 1, 2008

Romantic Gorilla

Romantic Gorilla sound exactly how their cover art looks on this, their self-titled debut. Not a great fan of thrash or punk, I've got to admit I really enjoy this, which LastFM classifies as a Davey-validating 'powerviolence'. Screw genre though, this is just awesome fun. For fans of Melt Banana, as Romantic Gorilla have about the same attention span.

Click on the album cover for mediafire download.

August 25, 2008


And now the second! Thank you, Davey!

For Lush's first proper full-length, the band opted to work again with Robin Guthrie. Though generally delightful, Spooky suffers from being bottlenecked into a dream-drift haze that isn't as convincing as the ones concocted by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and A.R. Kane. On paper the Guthrie/Lush collaboration seems like a match made in heaven; however, this lacks a punch and balance that begins to frustrate by the latter half. Whatever dynamics Lush appear to be capable of are rendered limp by Guthrie's sonic razing. Saving the record from being buried is a batch of quality songs. Despite its faults, it's more hit than miss. It's easy to criticize the lack of drive, but the drifting nature is rapturous in spots. Regardless, the draftiness is relied upon too often.

The three singles released from the LP ("Nothing Natural," "For Love," and "Superblast!") showcase the aggressive side, if only through a relative nature. As with much of the band's early material, guitars dart and veer all over hell's half acre -- just as you hear a gentle strum in one ear, another guitar whisks by like an overhead jet, only to be grounded to a halt by a swollen jolt from some netherworld. If stripped of its myriad effects, "For Love" would sound like a top-rate Go-Betweens song, filled with lovely jangles and smart songwriting. Closer "Monochrome" is a melancholy ballad whose cousin is Catherine Wheel's "Black Metallic." Beneath all the swooning and swaying, it almost suckers you into missing the cheesy "dum-dum-dum" drum lead-in to the choruses, airlifted out of your least favorite Top 40 schlock ballad circa '86. Those devils!
Review Courtesy Of AllMusic.Com

Artist: Lush
Album: Spooky
Genre: Shoegaze

Track Listing:

1. "Stray" – 2:07
2. "Nothing Natural" – 5:54
3. "Tiny Smiles" – 4:26
4. "Covert" – 3:34
5. "Ocean" – 4:49
6. "For Love" – 3:29
7. "Superblast!" – 4:07
8. "Untogether" – 3:33
9. "Fantasy" – 4:27
10. "Take" – 3:28
11. "Laura" – 3:22
12. "Monochrome" – 5:05